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Pender Bridge of Hope

Helping members of our community 
in short-term need 
Locally led, volunteer driven

Pender Bridge of Hope Mission

Pender Bridge of Hope was formed to be a bridge for those in financial need. 

The difference between hopeless and hopeful can often be negligible when one of our Pender County residents has a temporary financial crisis such as a necessary car repair, a washing machine that quits, unexpected medical bills, or other such financial surprises, and inadequate funds to bridge the gap. Pender Bridge of Hope is a 501(c)(3) entity that has been formed to help those residents of Pender County who are facing unexpected financial crises and cannot find readily available resources. The intent is to provide funding to a third-party provider to help these citizens in their time of need. Our referrals will come from schools, social services, churches, and even our police department that have verified there is a critical and sudden need. 

Our goal is to provide a financial bridge to give them help and thus hope.

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